Free Materials

Please see below for free Clean Air Action materials that you can download and distribute at your convenience, and logos that you can use for your Clean Air Action materials. 


Clean Air Action Day Tip Cards

Tire Pressure Tip Cards


Burn wise

How to Build a Firewood Storage Shed Video - This 6-minute video shares the benefits of storing firewood properly, lists the materials needed for the project, and demonstrates how to build the firewood storage shed.

Build a Firewood Storage Shed Guide - The updated 2-page how-to guide (a companion to the video) provides a list of the materials, cost, photos and simple schematics for building a firewood shed that holds about one cord of wood.

Test Your Wood with a Moisture Meter Flyer – The 1-pager spells out the benefits of burning dry seasoned wood (i.e., <20% moisture content) and how to properly test firewood using a moisture meter to see if it is ready to burn.  There is also a Burn Wise video that demonstrates how to use a wood moisture meter.MDEQ Minute - Burnwise

New EPA Wood Burning Best Practices Video Webpage – The Burn Wise Website has a new webpage that includes all of the best burn practices videos in one location. The page also includes links to other useful non-EPA produced videos related to wood stoves.


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